Rehabilitation example

Rehabilitation example of patient V — 28 years, addressed with complaints to pains in the lumbar spine, with irradiation into the left hip and impossibility of bending forward. Pain was constant and sharply limited her physical activity.

1. At the first visit to YaMRT hernia of the intervertebral disk L4-L5 of 7х14 mm in size was found (data from 6.12.13). The individual rehabilitation programme was offered.

volokitina_rent_061213 volokitina_res_061213

2. One week later, according to YaMRT (from 13.12.13), positive dynamics was not diagnosed. However, it is clinically noted  reduction of pain in the lumbar area, the general physical activity of the patient improved a little!

volokitina_rent_131213 volokitina_res_131213

3. In two weeks according to YaMRT (from 20.12.13), initial dynamics of reduction and stabilization of spinal disc herniation of the disk L4-L5 is noted — it took the central position.

volokitina_rent_201213 volokitina_rent_201213_01

4. In three weeks according to YaMRT (from 27.12.13), reduction of the size of hernial protrusion of the intervertebral disk L4-L5 is diagnosed,  which was 4×13 mm.

volokitina_rent_201213 volokitina_res_271213

5. The fourth week of training. According to YaMRT (from 17.01.14), the size of hernia of the intervertebral disk L4-L5 was 4 mm. Throughout the whole four week rehabilitation course it was noted  reduction of the pain syndrome, increase of functional full value condition of the backbone and improvement of the general subjective condition of the patient. After the four week rehabilitation course the patient was permitted to have independent training at home. Control is recommended one, two times a year!




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