Vladimir Margazin

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation in the field of therapeutic exercise and sports medicine


In 1969 he graduated from the Yaroslavl Medical Institute, specializing in treatment and prevention.
1969 – 1972 years. I worked in the health care practice.
1972 – 1975 years. graduate student of the Department of Radiology (Yaroslavl Medical Institute).
From 1975 he worked at the department of physical therapy and medical monitoring s – Assistant Professor (1990), professor (1992 to 2005).
From 2005 to the present time Professor of the Department of Biomedical fundamentals of sports YAGPU them. KD Ushinsky. The head of the course “Sports medicine and physiotherapy”

In 1975 he defended his thesis in 1989 – a doctorate.
Author of over 230 scientific works, including 1 manual of Sports Medicine, 2 textbooks, monografik 5 and 18 teaching aids for physical therapy and SM. Prepared 1 doctor and 7 candidates of sciences. He is the scientific leader of 3 post-graduates and 5 candidates.

Consultative work:

Spend more advisory work on the rehabilitation of the region’s leading athletes (hockey, football, volleyball, athletics, skiing, acrobatics).

Social work:

Member of the Editorial Board of “physical therapy and sports medicine” (Sec Ed Yunusov FA..) And the magazine “Sports Medicine: Science and Practice” (.. Chapter ed Achkasov EE).


Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation;
Academician of the Baltic Pedagogical Academy.


Books and manuals by Vladimir Margazin


Diplomas and certificates of Vladimir Margazin

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