The rehabilitation of Ilya Kokorev

January 14, 2009
The resident of Yaroslavl Iliya Kokorev became the strongest person on the planet, having lifted 822 kilograms. Iliya Kokorev defeated the American sportsman with the victorious breakthrough.
Iliya Kokorev is the champion of Russia, Europe and the World. He is the only World champion in Russia among professionals.

Schwarzenegger invited

– The championship took place in the USA, in Florida, – Iliya Kokorev remembers. – Athletes from 40 countries participated. The world champion title on powerlifting among professionals is usually won by the Americans.
Before he won the highest award in powerlifting, Iliya had been engaging in it for16 years.
The champion has no rigid mode and special menu, as sport is not his main deal. Iliya is a businessman. The trainer makes the plan of training sessions, and, following to it, Iliya comes to the gym from 3 to 6 times a week.
– It was important to me to make out the athlete’s potential, – Iliya’s trainer Alexander Kokornov speaks. – I have been training Iliya since 1999. During this time we achieved serious results.
Competitions in Florida are not the first ones for Iliya. He was four times in America on competitions of the strongest people of the planet. Iliya even received the nominal invitation from Arnold Schwarzenegger. In those competitions, “Arnold Classic”, he managed to take the fifth place.
Schwarzenegger was there, but there was no opportunity to talk to him.
–There were ten security guards around Arnold, – Iliya remembers. – It was difficult to come to him. After competitions he made a photo with one of winners. By the way, Arnold looks good for his years. He is in top form!

Bones crack, muscles tear

Terrible injuries are not seldom in powerlifting.
– Athletes, for example, squat, and their muscles are torn, bones don’t bear, break, the person literally bends in half, – Alexander Kokornov speaks. – And a five hundred-kilogram bar falls on him. And it is impossible to consider “classical injuries” – ruptures of sheaves, muscles in feet, pectoral muscles at a press lying.
– Power triathlon is maximum loadings. It is clear that they aren’t useful to the organism in such quantities, – Iliya Kokorev speaks. – But you make a choice. And as you chose sport, you must give all the best as much as possible. I had some serious injuries here. But you either give up, or you go further. And the result is impossible without efforts.

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Recovery of “Mr. Olympia” on bodybuilding (press and tugging)

Recently the unique case was presented, Kokorev Iliya “Mr. Olympia” (The champion of Russia, Europe and the World came to the center for rehabilitation. He is the only world champion in Russia among professionals. He is the Winner of “Arnold Classic” and Mr. Olympia tournaments on powerlifting.)

His diagnosis: rupture of the sinew of the long head of the biceps.
Our main objective was to rehabilitate the function of the right extremity as quicker as possible.

In usual practice, this process takes from 2 to 4 months! Having used the compression and decompression method of recovery treatment, normalization and the anatomic full value of the extremity was achieved in 21 training sessions, from 1.03.15 till 28.03.15 in full!

“Many thanks to your center. I started training sessions in full in 1,5 months after plasticity, I had many injuries, with the subsequent rehabilitation, but I never had such rehabilitation anywhere in the world!!!””

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