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Added: 17.12.2015 Author review: Vassiliev Mikhail

mI am Vasiliev Mikhail, I am 45 years old. From 30-year age I had backbone osteochondrosis, and that year it was found out the sequestered hernia of the disk L5-S1 of 10х26 mm in size in MRT pictures. I moved hardly, pains were terrible, I can’t do anything, at work patients aren’t necessary! I learned about existence of the center Progress. In the first visit I was literally brought under hands, I was engaged every day, within 2 months, every day. I am not from Yaroslavl, it was necessary to go 80 km there and 80 back. After each training I felt considerable simplification! Later 40 training sessions I made repeated MRT, in pictures the disk L5-S1 acted on 5mm, the sequester of hernia was absent, hernia reduced by 30mm. A backbone pain disappeared. Huge gratitude to the staff of the center Progress that healed me without operation!!!!

Added: 02.04.2015 Author review: Ilya Kokorev (bodybuilder)

post-131579-0-35718500-1428532088Many thanks to your center. In 1,5 months after plasticity, I started training sessions, in full. Earlier I had many injuries, with the subsequent rehabilitation, but I didn’t have such rehabilitation anywhere in the world!!!



Added: 20.03.2015 Author review: Vladimir

botyakovDenis Mikhailovich, thank you))) for my “straight walking” and “straight seating in the car”!!! For the opportunity without serious consequences to lift weights, to bend without fear and expectation of a painful blow)))) your method is super!!! Hands and the head are gold!!! I meet this spring without injections and as the real person straight standing!!!
I hope that you will help my son to heal scoliosis. I want to notice that after two training sessions, changes into the positive side are visible!!!!
(I have got: two hernias of disks, radiculitis. My son has scoliosis)

Added: 22.05.2014 Author review: Julia

I want to thank the staff of the center Progress for their professionalism, in particular Shvedov Denis Mikhailovich. After a trauma I couldn’t scramble on my feet half a year. Having addressed to “Progress” in ten days I started going. Than you so much.

Added: 04.04.2014 Author review: Anton Kotomin

antonI am grateful to the health and fitness center “Progress”. Now I have pain in my back only after training sessions and that is muscle pains about which I didn’t know before. An individual approach, excellent atmosphere, pleasant people around, and, above all , excellent health which you have after training sessions when you come to the Center “Progress” …
I wish collective success, prosperity to the Staff and personally to CEO Mr. Shvedov D. M. Keep on helping people to be healthy and happy.
Yours faithfully, Kotomin Anton.

Added: 24.03.2014 Author review: Alena

alenaI want to thank the staff of the Center “ PROGRESS” for the help to me and my daughter. Problems with a back appeared after the child’s birth. Courses of medical massage gave a partial and temporary relief, training sessions relieved of problems with the back and gave a tone to muscles. And I treated the daughter when she was traumatized in the kindergarten and it broke her manner of walking, surgeons offered to stay in bed for a week and to take pain medications, the orthopedist didn’t see any problem at all, when we addressed to Professor V.A. Margazin, for consultation, he drew my attention that the daughter had a small distortion on the pelvis, and one leg became slightly longer therefore she was walking in a strange way. We started to train and the result is obvious, the manner of walking is again in norm, the distortion disappeared, legs are again slender and equal, so we are happy. THANKS A LOT.

Added: 03.03.2014 Author review: Alexander Sokolov, volleyball player

0_7b905_5dc37665_XLI am sincerely grateful to the Center “PROGRESS” collective for my competent rehabilitation after a severe sports injury — the RUPTURE of the ACHILLES TENDON with the SUBSEQUENT PLASTICITY. The rehabilitation process after this trauma usually is from 4 to 6 months, and return to sports activity happens, as a rule, within a year! My first coming to the Center “PROGRESS” was on crutches. In a week, need in them was reduced to a minimum and I started to move with an orthopedic stick. Three weeks later I moved independently without use of the stick. During this time the pain in the field of the ankle joint practically disappeared. The entire period of rehabilitation was two months, then after consultation with Professor V.A. Margazin and the doctor of my team I was admitted to the training process.

Added: 21.02.2014 Author review: Alexander

alexanderThanks to Denis and Dmitry for the absolutely new quality of life and the healthy back. I suffered from back pains for many years, I am training about a year and I feel great. THANK YOU SO MUCH.




Added: 28.10.2013 Author review: Eugene

I addressed to the Center “Progress” in May, 2011, in pictures of MRT there was a sequestered disk L5-S1 hernia, its size was 20x12mm. I had training sessions three times a week within 6 months, it was quite difficult at the beginning, but it became easier and easier with every training. In 2 months pain passed at all! After a course of training I made a repeated picture of MRT, in this center it is obligatory, hernia was only 5mm! My pictures are in the section Results-Rutsky E.V. it is possible to look at them by yourselves!!! I am satisfied with the result, I recommend it to everybody! It’s a very good center, and, moreover, competent and qualified specialists!

Added: 27.10.2013 Author review: Svetlana

svetaI want to express gratitude to Denis Mikhailovich and Dmitry Mikhailovich!!! Pain decreases after training sessions, it becomes considerably easier to move, bend, the mood and quality of life increases! Training sessions always take place in the cozy and warm atmosphere. Denis Mikhailovich is surprisingly charming, quiet, able to listen to, ask professional questions, and, moreover, to analyze my complaints. Dmitry Mikhailovich is a very good expert and very kind person. Thank you for the help, attention and just for human attitude.

ФОЦ , USA 5.0 5.0 10 10 Я Васильев Михаил, мне 45 лет. С 30 летнего возраста страдал остеохондрозом позвоночника, а в том год�

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