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We specialize in prevention and correction of various diseases of the backbone and large joints. Besides the diseases bringing back pains, our unique techniques, specially developed exercise machines and individual programmes of training sessions allow carrying out correction of diseases of the digestive tract, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Training sessions for correction and prevention of diseases the musculoskeletal apparatus and large joints

— initial consultation of any specialist of the center (Margazin V.A., Shvedov D.M., Nagibin R. M.);

— myofascial diagnostics;

—a process of rehabilitation is under control of Denis Shvedov;

— a set of exercises of 90 minute length

100 €

if paid before the end of January

Main directions

1. Prevention and correction of various manifestations of osteochondrosis of the backbone:

  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine
  • lumbar and sacral radiculitis
  • hernias of intervertebral disks
  • Protrusions
  • Shoulder-scapular periarthrosis
  • Cardiac syndrome
  • Syndrome of the vertebral artery
  • Syndrome of the scalenus

2. Prevention and correction of disorders in the body posture

3. Prevention and correction of platypodia

4. Correction of musculofascial contractures after diseases and fractures of bones

5. Functional recovery of athletes after injuries and surgeries

6. Prevention and correction of habitual dislocations of a shoulder and hip

7. Prevention and correction of the excess body weight (obesity)

8. Prevention and correction of functional diseases of the urinogenital system:

  • functional incontience of urine
  • prostatitis

9. Prevention and correction of functional disease in various states of the digestive tract:

  • gastroptosia
  • enteroptosia
  • weaknesses of the prelum abdominale and muscles of the pelvic floor

10. Precompetitive preparation and postcompetitive recovery of athletes in different types of sport:

  • hockey
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • gymnastics
  • acrobatics
  • figure skating
  • weightlifting
  • single combats

  11. Preparation for pregnancy and childbirth

  (The main objective of use of physical exercises during pregnancy is to teach pregnant women to relax muscles of the pelvic floor with simultaneous tension of muscles of the prelum abdominal and retention of the function of full breath)

12. Physical culture during childbirth

13. Physical culture in the postnatal period for the purpose of recovery of the anatomic and functional condition of muscles, sheaves and internals participating in patrimonial activity

In our technique we applied a new approach to prescription of medical physical activities along with widely applied dynamic, static and power exercises, we included the compression and decompression loadings, which considerably increase efficiency of rehabilitation.

Everything what is mentioned above allowed us to achieve positive results in recovery of the patients who had diseases, injuries and surgeries.

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