Treatment of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosisis one of widespread diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is proved that the way of life of the person, insufficient physical activity, improper feeding etc. have great impact on the development of this disease. Treatment of atherosclerosis must be complex. In modern medicine medicated ways of treatment, physical therapy, physiotherapy exercises are applied.

Treatment of atherosclerosis of the brain vessels and atherosclerosis of vessels of the lower extremities is extremely important.

The timely appeal to the health and fitness center “Progress” due to competently made training sessions helps to reduce risk of development of such a disease as atherosclerosis.


The obliterating disease is a collective term. It includes a whole list of diseases which are characterized by one important sign – reduction as a result of this or that factor of the space of blood vessels and as its result there is reduction in nutrition and functionality of muscles and joints.

Its reason can be inflammatory processes, including chronic, and sclerous changes. Mainly the lower extremities are affected, however, also other parts of the body are at risk. As there is a lack of blood supply to leg vessels, their nutrition is broken and pain appears.

Ignoring these symptoms will decrease the quality of life (after long walking it is necessary to have a rest) in the beginning, and subsequently it will lead to radical operation. The technique applied by experts of the health and fitness centre “Progress” is unique and has no analogues in the world. We combine different types of loadings with massage — all these things in a complex give an excellent result in the future.

Slyness of the obliterating atherosclerosis, as well as of other diseases, is in smoothness of manifestation. Symptoms appear far not at once, everything begins with a periodic feeling of “weight” in feet and further increases.

Treatment of arteries atherosclerosis

The task facing us doctors of the Center is extremely simple – it is necessary to improve blood circulation. Actually, the organism has its own protective and adaptive mechanisms: simultaneously with obliteration there is the process of formation of collaterals – in other words, roundabout ways of blood supply. But to achieve a rather lasting positive effect without use of medical and sports complexes is very difficult.

estudio-hiperlipidemia-mixta-T-Mg00_7Modern researches demonstrate that the use of special physical exercises is in direct dependence on improvement of the state of the organism: due to researches it is determined that a year later after the beginning of training sessions reduction of spasms in vessels, improvement of muscular traffic are available, tissues absorb oxygen better.

The beginning of training of the exercise therapy complex must coincide with the beginning of the period of a quiet stage of the disease (it is impossible to do it in its sharp period). It is necessary to take into consideration age and state of the patient as well.

Specialists of our Center are highly qualified and experienced to give you any advisory and medical help. We will choose the programme of treatment taking into consideration your case. Come to us – we will help you!

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