Treatment of hypertension

1360928563_giperton_dragsHypertension is a known disease which a great number of people have. Hypertensive persons make that part of the mankind, who have a great risk of development of cardiac diseases with all other consequences. Besides, the high blood pressure causes feeling sick, can cause strong headaches, sleeplessness, thus, treatment of hypertension is necessary, it is not a harmless disease.

Hypertensive illness or as it is called in popular speech “hypertension” is a great problem of our time. Statistics is quite different, but it is possible to say that in each family there is a person suffering from the increased arterial pressure. Negative impact is explained due to different reasons, the heart doesn’t cope with the usual volume of the pumped-over blood and is compelled to work at the increased speed.

It can be caused with a way of life, kind of work, a diet and quite considerable number of additional factors. The symptomatology is quite characteristic: if you, what is called “against full health”, have considerable headaches in the back of the head and feelings of pulsation, tachycardia begins, there is perspiration, “dots” before eyes, hypostases of hands and numbness of fingers – you must immediately go to the doctor.

You must remember, it is very often, when the diagnosis is made by doctors of “Ambulance”, resuscitators or pathologists. For a variety of reasons, having independently diagnosed this pathology, some patients begin treatment of hypertension with the help of folk remedies. They use obscure and reasonable methods such as “treatment by water”, preparation of broth from sunflower seeds, etc. Also quite reasonable methods are used: use of wild roses, lemons, honey, etc.


Actually use of similar tactics of treatment is dangerous with emergence of sudden and unpredictable consequences – a sharp increase of arterial pressure better known as a hypertensive crisis. Treatment of hypertension in home conditions is possible only with a skillful combination with medicated therapy! Consult the doctor before introducing any folk remedy in your treatment.

Modern treatment of hypertension, according to experts, is done in two main ways, trends today. The first one is medicated treatment connected with appointment and taking of various drugs, the second way is actions correcting a way of life. Both of them are absolutely equivalent though, of course, improvement of the organism will lead to a more useful effect. Thus prevention of a great number of illnesses, which have not yet come “to the surface” will be done.

Reasons of emergence and methods of fight

The reasons of hypertension development are various, it doesn’t make sense to list them, it is only possible to define that ignoring of what is called as “healthy lifestyle”, significantly increases risk of development of this disease. To the contrary, return to regular physical activities, refusal of alcohol and smoking, avoiding of stresses, revision of the food ration towards refusal of fat, sharp and salty products – all these return the organism to normal functioning, so hypertension is forced to recede.

And, a healthy lifestyle is in fashion! Sports activities, foot tourism, warm-up in the mornings are necessary companions of a modern successful person. A cheerfulness charge in all body will destroy hypertension! And the movement is also prescribed for elderly people, simply to a lesser extent, partial loadings due to special programmes.

The health and fitness center “Progress”, which is in Yaroslavl, offers specialized author’s programmes of training, including people suffering from hypertension. Let’s return your organism to the correct, healthy framework of its life together.

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