Diseases of joints

Arthrosis and distort osteoarthrosis
Arthrosis of ankle joints
Arthrosis of knee joints
Arthrosis of coxofemoral joints
Arthrosis of elbow joints

Correction of musculofascial contractures after diseases and bone fractures

Correction of habitual dislocations of the shoulder and hip

Diseases of joints and reasons of their development

According to statistical data, practically every third person has a joint pain. The main reasons for development of these diseases are:

  • metabolic disorders;
  • genetic disposition;
  • a lack or absence of physical activity in necessary amount that leads to weakening of the muscular tissue and increase in body weight;
  • environmental problems and unhealthy diet;
  • fast rhythms of modern life that do not allow the person to consult the doctor in time;
  • age changes in the organism.

As a rule, the patient begins treatment of arthropathy only in case of severe pain.


X ray of knee leg in pain All types of joints trauma, whether it is arthritises of various origin or arthroses, have similar symptoms:

  • joint pain
  • restriction of movement

The physiotherapy exercises, due to leading experts’ recognition, are a basis of recovery treatment of joints among non- medicamental means, as rehabilitation of joints is impossible without special exercises. The general symptom is a decrease of the muscle tone and thinning of bones of the joint.


Pain in Joints — Treatment

The health and fitness center “Progress” uses a unique complex technique for treatment and rehabilitation of functionality of the joint, this technique doesn’t have analogues in the Yaroslavl region: we combine dynamic and power loadings with different types of massage, and we manage to reach amazing results in the shortest time.

In addition, the abovementioned technique has a positive impact on improvement of the blood circulation and lymphokinesis systems which is caused with improvement of nutrition of the whole organism in general. The all-toning influence of exercises is especially relevant in cases of a long bed regime.

Top-of-mind problem of physical therapy is to dose loading strictly. Therefore we gradually increase intensity and amplitude of training sessions in all cases, following the “golden” rule – the more strongly pain is the less load on the joint should be.

And of course, we prevent strengthening of the pain otherwise the therapeutic effect is minimized.

The motive mode and its combination with different methods of physiotreatment and massage depend on the stage, localization, the course of the disease and on specific features of the organism. Having examined you, our doctors will choose the personal scheme for you, and in a while we will considerably increase the quality of your life!


The health and fitness center “Progress” — the center of joints treatment

In the health and fitness center “Progress” there are experts with long-term experience, who will diagnosticate your disease and will coordinate the scheme of your treatment or rehabilitation with you. Also advisory examining and online consultation of the Doctor of higher category, Professor, Doctor of Medicine V.A. Margazin is possible.

We wish you good health but if it is not – we are waiting for you in our center where we are always ready to help you!


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