Arthrosis Ankle

artrosis-golThe ankle joint arthrosis is a progressing degenerate and dystrophic disease of the ankle joint affecting all its elements: cartilages, ligaments, articulate cover, circumarticular muscles and bones. The initial stage of arthrosis is affection of the cartilaginous tissue of joint surfaces.

The ankle joint experiences great loadings even if the foot is put in a correct way. Unfortunately, with age elasticity and durability of the ligamentous and muscular system decrease, cartilaginous tissue becomes thinner and has problems with nutrition. Trauma (dislocations and fractures), the wrong position of the foot, walking on heels and platypodia considerably increase the risk of development of foot arthrosis.

Stages of the ankle joint arthrosis


First degree of the ankle joint arthrosis

Symptoms: the first degree of arthrosis is presented with tension in the joint, periodic pains in physical activity, fatigue, but in general it doesn’t interfere with work of locomotive functions, only complicates them a little bit. The muscular tone in the zone of the ankle joint is a little lowered.




Second degree of the ankle joint arthrosis

artroz-golenostopnogo-sustavaSymptoms: in case of the ankle joint arthrosis of the 2 degree processes of destruction of the cartilage increase, bones in the joint are being deformed. Painful and inflammatory syndromes have an expressed character, and can be felt in transition from the state of rest to the state of the movement.

The ligamentous and muscular system is gradually weakening — the probability of dislocations and incomplete dislocations increases. Emergence of dry clicks when walking which are followed by the constant aching pain is possible. The patient tries to provide a “sparing” mode for the affected joint.


Third degree of the ankle joint arthrosis

Symptoms: in the III stage pain and inflammation gain a constant character even at rest. When walking patients should slow down speed and go with the whole foot (without transition “heel -forefoot”) in order to avoid strengthening of the pain. Mobility in the joint is decreased that provokes bigger weakening of muscles and shortening of sheaves. Further it can lead to formation of anchylosis (rigidity). As a rule, these changes affect posture and walk that worsen associated diseases of the locomotor apparatus.

Treatment of the ankle joint arthrosis

To suspend a pathological process it is necessary to understand accurately the development of the ankle joint arthrosis, what stage it is now at, to take into consideration the patient’s age, associated diseases and diagnostic data. Curative services in case of the ankle joint arthrosis are consistently directed on support of the tone and training of muscles in the joint, correction and preservation of the correct position of the foot, stabilization of a pelvis and a backbone.
Highly qualified specialists of the health and fitness center “Progress” use author’s techniques to prevention, correction and treatment of the ankle joint arthrosis which have a fine result even in difficult cases.

Remember — self-treatment is impossible, it delays adverse effects only a little!

Don’t bring the ankle joint arthrosis to the heavy and advanced stage!

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