Coxofemoral joint arthrosis

artrosis-tazThe coxofemoral joint arthrosis (gonarthrosis) is a progressing degenerate and dystrophic disease of the coxofemoral joint affecting all its elements: cartilages, ligaments, joint cover, circumarticular muscles and bones. An initial stage of arthrosis is affection of the cartilaginous tissue of joint surfaces.

The coxofemoral joint is considered to be one of the main joints providing a locomotive function. Despite a great factor of safety it is extremely susceptible to injuries and is exposed to considerable loadings even when walking. With age or after a fracture the risk of development of arthritis and arthrosis considerably increases.


Stages of the coxofemoral joint arthrosis

The elbow joint is subject to development of arthrosis less, than the coxofemoral or ankle joint as it experiences, on average, smaller loading.


tazobedrennyy_sustav_10-500x279First degree of coxarthrosis

Symptoms: in the initial stage after physical activity (long walking or run) there is pain in the joint, more seldom in the hip or the knee joint. At rest the pain syndrome disappears. The range of motions in the joint isn’t limited yet, a muscular tone is in norm, gait isn’t broken. Visually there are no changes in the coxofemoral joint. When using methods of radiodiagnosis ( X-ray, MRT, KT) bone growths from the side of the coxal cavity and the head of femur are defined.



27022015-17Second degree of coxarthrosis

Symptoms: in the second stage pain becomes more intensive, can be felt in the hip, inguinal area. Pain can appear at rest. After long walking there can be lameness. The function of the joint starts being broken. First of all bending and rotation of the hip inside, motion of the hip aside suffer. Strength of muscles is decreased which are taking away and unbending the hip as they are without loading for a long time (in order not to provoke pain). Bone growths become more, their area increases. Because of osteophytes the head of femur is deformed and becomes bigger in size. The tendency to the shift of the head of femur upwards is defined.



1429783970_222Third degree of coxarthrosis

Symptoms: in the III stage pain has a constant character, it appears even at night. When walking patients are compelled to use a cane. Great restriction of all motions in the joint and considerable decrease in force of gluteuses, and also muscles of the hip and shin are noted. All these things form specific gait and body posture. From the party of affection the limb looks shortened. The patient is compelled to step on foot toes to get a floor, and to incline his body towards the affected body part when walking to compensate declination of the pelvis and shortening of the limb. This mechanism of compensation leads to movement of the center of gravity and overloading of the joint. Extensive bone growths are defined in roentgenograms. The neck of femur is considerably expanded and shortened.



Treatment of the coxofemoral joint arthrosis

At coxarthrosis force of the taking-away muscles and extensors of the hip is quickly reducing — this weakness leads to disorders in functions of the coxofemoral joint, sheaves and joint surfaces. Further the wrong, limping gait is formed and there is a shift of the center of gravity towards a healthy joint. Subsequently it leads to scoliosis in the lumbar department of the backbone, and to shortening of the sore limb.

All these changes increase load of the coxofemoral joint even more, worsening the situation up to the development of full immovability of the coxofemoral joint (anchylosis).

In order to stop the pathological process it is necessary to understand accurately how the development of arthrosis of the coxofemoral joint happens, what stage it is now at, to consider the patient’s age, associated diseases and diagnostic data.

Curative services at coxarthrosis are consistently directed to support the tone and training of muscles in the coxofemoral joint, preservation of body posture, stabilization of the pelvis and the backbone.

Highly qualified specialists of the health and fitness center “Progress” use author’s techniques to prevention, correction and treatment of the ankle joint arthrosis which have a fine result even in difficult cases.

Remember — self-treatment is impossible, it delays adverse effects only a little!

Don’t bring gonarthrosis to the heavy and advanced stage!

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